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I only accept payments through PayPal, USD only. You are guaranteed security through PayPal's goods and services system. 

If your commission request is accepted, I require a minimum deposit of 30% of your quote cost. 15% of that deposit will be nonrefundable to cover materials and prove that you are serious about commissioning. 

However, if the deposit is paid and no other payments are received and/or no communication, or after 6 months, the entire deposit (including the 15%) can be refunded and your commission will be cancelled.  


Once the 30% deposit is paid, your commission will be added to the Trello queue.


I accept payment plans if you are not able to pay off the commission in full. However no progress will be made on the commission until it is 100% paid off. 

I can accept any payment plans (weekly, monthly, etc.) as long as the commission is paid off completely within 6 months. 


Once the suit is at least 75% completed it CANNOT be refunded. Please make sure you are financially ready to commission me. I DO NOT accept returns. 

However, if the suit is below 75% completion and the buyer wishes to cancel, it can be partially refunded, and if under 50% completion, fully refunded.


If a suit is fully refunded, the unfinished parts and supplies can be shipped to the buyer if they choose.


For completed fursuit heads only- If the head is too small and tight to fit, you are entitled to a partial refund of the commission cost if you would not like it to be repaired. 

As of July 2018 I do not work with deadlines without an additional cost/rush fee. Suit completion time can range between 4 to 12 months. After the suit is fully paid or when I have started work, I will give you an estimated date of completion.  Without the payed rush fee, but I am not obliged to meet this time span.

Rush fees can cost between $50-$100 extra depending on it's date. The shortest time span I am willing to complete a suit is 3 weeks for a head only commission, 6 weeks for a partial or mini partial, and 8 weeks for a halfsuit or fullsuit commission. I reserve the right to decline any deadlines requested for commissions. 


If you have payed for the rush fee and I have failed to complete the suit by it's deadline, I will refund your full payment as soon as possible. 


By sending a payment for a custom commission, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age or older.

If under 18, commissioners must be at least over 13 years of age to commission with consent from a parent or guardian. I am required to work with the parent or guardian and they must make the initial payment.


I WILL NOT work with anyone under 13. Background checks will be made to confirm the customers age, in some cases ID or any form of photo identification may be required. 


I usually will require a DTD (duct tape dummy) for fullsuit and halfsuit commissions. I can also accept accurate measurements if you are not able to create one. 

If the suit is ill-fitting upon receiving, please contact me with proof of where it does not fit correctly. Resizing is covered by the 60 day warranty. 


If anything looks off or incorrect through the work in progress images I provide to you as I am working, please note me about the issue immediately! If you do not like an aspect of your suit while it is still in progress, please tell me. I welcome criticism and will make any changes you desire to insure you receive a quality product. I recognize fursuits are large investments and believe you should get exactly what you pay for. 

Changes to your characters design can be made until the down payment has been received and materials have been ordered. Be sure to provide a clear and accurate reference sheet of your character! 

Communication is very important and without notice, I will not be able to solve any problems you have with your suit. Once the suit is 100% completed, I will not change, add, or fix anything. 


The buyer MUST pay for shipping. Shipping costs are not included in the price for any suit work. I currently ship with USPS, and at this time I do ship internationally. Shipping within the US and internationally will vary between $25-$200, depending on how large the suit is.  

The suit will be scheduled to ship as soon as the final payment is sent. Due to transportation issues at the moment I cannot always guarantee that the suit will be shipped the day it is completed or paid, but I will keep you updated. I apologize for any delays.


Currently, I only accept artistic liberty commissions for fursuit heads only, costing only the base price for a regular custom commission. For an artistic liberty suit, the commissioner must tell me what type of species, a pattern (if wanted), and one color they would like on their suit. and then I will design the rest. Other colors used for the suit usually depend on what type of furs and materials I have available in stock. 

I will show you the reference sheet of the created character before I begin working, if you request me to. I am able to make the commission 100% a surprise by request, and changes to it are covered by the 60 day warranty. 


All commissioned and non discounted premade work is guaranteed upon the day it is received for 60 days.  


Defects of material and construction are covered by the warranty. Any unauthorized alterations and normal wear and tear are not covered. After the 60 day warranty has expired, any repairs or refurbishments needed will range around $20-$100. 


Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By submitting a commission form, you agree to all of the terms of service. 


Last updated: 6/18/2019


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