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Interested in a custom handmade costume by Retro Fursuits? Here's a​ guide to help you get started! Remember that commissions are not always available! You can check the front page for the dates of my next openings! YOU MUST BE 18+ YEARS OR OLDER TO COMMISSION. 


To start the commission process you will need a clear reference of your character! I will need a front and back view of your design! Details such as the colors of the inside of the mouth, paw pad colors, etc. are also important! Here are two examples: 



marty 2020.png
george ref.png


Once my commission form is open for new customers, you may fill it out to receive an estimate of how much your suit will cost! 


However, this does not guarantee a commission slot- I cannot accept every commission request I receive to not overwhelm my workload! If your commission is accepted, I will send an email back once you receive your quote and after my quote form closes! 


Once your commission request is accepted, you will need to secure your slot!

To secure your slot, I require a minimum deposit of 30% of your commission cost. 15% of that deposit will be nonrefundable to cover material cost and prove that you are serious about your order! 


*However, if you pay the minimum deposit and I receive no other payments after 6 months, the entire deposit (including that 15%) can be refunded and your commission will be cancelled. 

Once I receive the 30% deposit, your commission will be added to my Trello queue and we can discuss payment for the rest of the suit!

Payment plans are available if you are not able to pay off the rest of your commission in full. I can accept monthly or weekly plans, as long as the suit is paid off within 6 months after sending the downpayment. 

Your place in my queue will be determined when it is fully paid off, such as: If someone has paid of their suit before you they will be ahead on my queue and vise-versa. 



Once your suit is 100% paid off and your place in the queue wait list has been determined, the wait begins! 

We may discuss deadlines, such as if you would like your commission to be completed and shipped by a certain date. 


If you would like to set a completion date within the next 3 months after the suit is 100% paid off, it will require a deadline fee to guarantee that the commission will be completed by then. However, if the commission is not completed by that deadline, the fee will be refunded. 

However, if you have no date you would prefer the commission to be completed and shipped by, I may set a non guaranteed date on my queue.



Once your commission spot has moved from the "wait list" section of my Trello to the "working on" section, preparation has begun! 

During preparation, we will need to discuss fur/fabric colors! I will show swatches and links to materials, and you will need to confirm all of the materials are good for your commission! 

I will also need accurate measurements to guarantee that your suit will fit you perfectly! For fullsuit commissions, I will need a DTD (duct tape dummy) to insure that the bodysuit will fit you accurately! 




When all of the materials are agreed upon and I receive all accurate measurements and/or the DTD,  construction of the suit can finally begin! 

Suit construciton time varies depending on complexity, commission type, etc. Such as if it is a simple head only commission, it may take a minimum of 3 weeks to complete. If it is a complex fullsuit, it may take a minimum of 2 months to complete. 

Please note that I handsew everything! I cannot work as fast as many other makers do since I do not own a sewing machine! (This will be updated once I finally am able to get one/learn how to use it)

I will send work and progress images to you through email, telegram, twitter, instagram, or which ever way you have preferred to contact me by. 

Changes and fixes can be made through the construction process! Please be sure to reach out to be if you spot any problems during construction (such as if there is a marking missing, not being happy with a shape, etc.) so I can resolve them! 

Once the suit is completed, I will send you the photos of it being modeled and brought to life!



Once everything is finally completed, you suit will be scheduled to ship to you!​

You must provide your shipping address and pay for postage. Shipping within the US and internationally may cost between $30-$200, depending on how large the package is. 


Due to transportation issues at the moment I cannot always guarantee that the suit will be shipped the day it is completed or paid, but I will keep you updated. I apologize for any delays.



Congratulations, you are now a Retro Fursuits fursuiter! Have fun!


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